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About Us

Herd of Zebras is a platform that helps to connect sports leagues, tournaments, and referees. It provides an easy way for league owners/managers to source, manage, and pay referees in their leagues and tournaments without any charge. On the other hand, it also helps referees with scheduling, payment and reporting; as well as providing training for those who have not refereed before.

Since its launch, Herd of Zebras has helped over 10 different sports with their league management needs. Additionally, it allows convenient weekly payment options for referees so they can receive payment on time every week. With this service, we hope to reduce the referee shortage crisis in today's world.

At Herd of Zebras our mission is to provide a reliable and efficient way to help leagues find suitable referees quickly and easily. Not only that but also make sure that those individuals who wish to referee get the required training needed at no cost. Join us today and help fight off the referee shortage!